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Hi I'm Rem!


4-Year Marketing Specialist turned Podcast Manager who worked on 100+ episodes

Being in this industry for over a year, I have worked on hundreds of episodes with different podcasts and production agencies. With over 16,000 minutes of listening time according to my Spotify wrapped report, I became a total fanatic which led me to pour all of my marketing knowledge and skills that I've accumulated throughout the years to help podcasters like you get heard by more people.

My vision started when I saw hosts struggle to stay consistent with launching episodes. They get overwhelmed with the responsibilities involved and find themselves weighing in on what they have to sacrifice so they can keep doing what they love. It doesn't have to be that way! This is why I became a podcast management wiz to help hosts (or soon-to-be hosts) stay on top of their podcasts by providing services that fit their needs so they can focus on what they do best!

If you're ready to level up and grow your podcast without stress, contact me and we'll get started!

Feedback and testimonials from entrepreneurs and hosts around the world that I have worked with.


- Staying consistent with marketing
- Keeping up with guest communication and follow-ups
- Getting guests to share the episodes
- Getting Visibility


- Get more visibility for the podcast
- Increase traffic to the podcast website
- Stay consistent with emails and newsletters
- Be ahead of podcast schedule

Key Solutions:

- Changed from show notes type of blog to transcript blogs
- Created social media templates for each episode
- Adapting other types of posts
- Repurposing Twitter post content
- Scheduling blog and social media content ahead of time
- Creating newsletters to promote the episodes
- Scheduling emails to guests in advance
- Providing input to improve the marketing and to help streamline the process

How it went:

- Improved the podcast listens and increased website traffic significantly
- Providing input and solutions helped Taylor to focus on recording the podcast
- Giving Taylor the peace of mind that a trusted person can manage the podcast process and help to streamline it
- Consistency on marketing, guest follow-ups, and content repurposing
- Taylor was able to save time to manage he do what he does best

"Rem does a good job of understanding and incorporating feedback and new ideas. She's mentally involved with the work and constantly thinking, which is so important in putting out fresh content and growing the show."

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Let’s Start Working Together!


"Rem is hardworking! She doesn't need supervision but still produces high-quality work. I am honored to have her as part of my team."

— Anatoly, Host of 10 Million Journey Podcast

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