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Are you tired of posting social media content that doesn't even get you podcast listens?


Social Media Management for Podcasts

The Social Media Management solution for your Podcast that can help you increase your reach (and your listens) through better social media strategy that leverages short-form content (Reels, Stories, Graphics, Videos) and adapts to the ever-changing algorithm without having to lift a finger yourself!

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A Done-For-You Social Media Solution that Works!

And you don't even need to spend 💸 on ads. 😉

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So, you've been podcasting for a while...

And you know that social media is a powerful tool that you can leverage to reach more of your audience and repurpose your content.


BUT... you're tired of just posting audiograms or graphics that don't really get you results. You're wondering does posting even get me listens? Is spending time or money on social media actually working for my podcast? 😫😫😫

Look, I hear you!

Here's a hot take💥posting aimlessly every time your episode comes out just won't cut it! Those random audiograms won't help you reach more people! Yes, repurposing is a great thing but you've got to repurpose with PURPOSE.  

This is why we don't just do your social media materials for you, we provide you with actionable content plan and custom strategy that works for your podcast niche! 💯

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Find out if this is for you 👇

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Finally, Social Media Content that Converts!

If you're a podcasting entrepreneur or a company running a podcast and you want to leverage social media but don't have time to learn about the nitty-gritty ever-changing algorithms that can get you stuck and you want to focus on your zone of genius, you're in the right place!

Scroll down for solutions!

This is for you if...


You're tired of throwing spaghetti on the wall posting random audiograms of your podcast hoping they would stick.

You're a podcasting entrepreneur who wants to invest in Social Media for your podcast but doesn't know where to start.

You want to delegate and take back your precious time but can't find an SMM who specializes in podcasts that can get you results

You're ready to take your podcast to the next level but you can't find a solution or offer that fits and adapts to the social media algorithm.

You want to leverage short-form content but the always-changing social media algorithm is burning you out. You need your Time back!

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Client Transformations

Client's Instagram reach Before and After Applying our Strategy









How Posts are doing Before and After


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Total Podcast Downloads increased from 22% to 52%!

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The stats are from the podcast screenshot above and is the total cumulative downloads every month.

How Does It Work?

Achieve results using our PMW framework for Podcasts! 

Plan & analyze your podcast and social media.
Maximize your impact through magnetic content.
Win your ideal audience and leads by building authority.

Get a great deal for Cyber Monday! See our packages below!

Social Media Management

For Podcasts

IG/ FB/ TikTok Stories
12 pcs. per month
Copywriting caption for all social media posts
20 pcs. customized to platforms
Social Media Pieces (Combination of Reels, Carousels, or Audiograms)
20 pcs. per month
Social Media Engagement
240 mins. a week
Podcast + Social Media Audit
30 pcs.
Posting and scheduling on Podcast's Social Media
5x a week
Content and social media strategy
Setting up Trello Board for Project Management
Setting up social media for podcasts if not created yet
Google Drive set-up for storage of your Assets
Social Media Overhaul for Optimization
Broken down into weekly payments
Per Package
Podcast Review and analytics
✨Limited Time Discount✨
for 5 Clients only


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Per podcast per month

Everything in the Services table is included and Done-For-You!

Up to 5 Episodes Repurposed per Month

5 Posts per Week

Platforms Included

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok




Per podcast per month

Everything in the Services table is included and Done-For-You!

Up to 10 Episodes Repurposed per Month

7 Posts per Week

+30 Social Media Posts

+18 Stories

Copywriting +30 captions

Platforms Included

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

*Shorts only for YouTube


What Are the Steps?

Step #1

Choose the solution that Fits you.

You can either go for the Basic Package or the Pro Package.


Step #2

Click the "Schedule Call" button.


Schedule a discovery call with me. We'll talk about your goals and see if it's the right fit!

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Step #3

You will receive an email with the summary and an invite to our Onboarding Call.

Let's get started!


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Taylor L.

Rem does a good job of understanding and incorporating feedback and new ideas. She's mentally involved with the work and constantly thinking, which is so important in putting out fresh content and growing the show.

Why Our Clients Love Us


Dre B.

Rem is amazing at putting together processes and keeping them running smoothly.


Anatoly S.

Rem is hardworking! She doesn't need supervision but still produces high-quality work. 

How are We Different?

Attention is the new oil. 👀 The content creator economy is shifting towards short-form content and your podcast is your advantage. We can help you keep having content that sticks and can convert your audience into listeners and leads!

We are not just offering social media services, we are offering ✨TRANSFORMATION

We tailor-fit a content strategy solution that works for your podcast niche! We use our proven PMW framework to achieve results and level up your podcast reach! All Done-For-You.

Social Proof and Wins 

Here are unsolicited responses and feedback from clients, their audience, and comments about the changes on their podcasts' social profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if don't have a podcast yet but I'm going to launch one?

A: We also offer a Podcast Launch package that can have social media management included. Click here to book a discovery call. 

You can also tap the chat button to leave a message. 😊

Ready to Get Started?

We can only accommodate up to 5 clients for this offer within the limited time.

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So if you don't want to miss this chance, be sure to click the Buy button of your chosen package today!

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