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3 P’s of the Podcast Process

The 4 P’s in Marketing is Product, Price, Place, Promotion. But how about in PODCASTING? 🎧

There are 3 basic phases a podcast process goes through and each phase can be broken down into further stages. But let’s talk about the basics first.

1️⃣ Planning

This is the most important part and the base of the podcast production process. In planning the topics, it is very important to think about your target audience and what they’re searching for. Writing an outline will help flesh out your ideas. On top of this, you can also optimize that content and turn it into a blog which will help your SEO!

2️⃣ Production

Recording, audio editing, show notes writing, designing the graphics, and audiogram creation are part of the production wherein you make sure all of your materials are ready before the launch. This phase is where the bulk of work happens and may involve a team of different people working on different responsibilities.

3️⃣ Promotion

Many podcasters take this phase for granted. Promoting your podcast episodes will not only help to remind your audience of your show but also gives you free advertising opportunities on social media (if you’re promoting organically). The use of a hashtag strategy in IG makes it possible for your content to be seen more even if you’re not paying for it.

👉 If you see yourself needing all of these for your podcast but feel overwhelmed, you can book a call with me to get help. Link in bio.

Orrr… if you have questions or want to talk more about the breakdown of these phases, feel free to shoot me a dm. I’d be happy to chitchat! 😁

If you want to learn more about the entire podcast process, I'm currently offering a FREE call and if you already have a podcast, a FREE audit (no strings attached) where I can answer your questions about podcasting and provide recommendations based on your podcast needs. Just click the button below.



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