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How and Why To Add Your Podcast on Facebook

In June 2021, Facebook announced that it will roll out its podcast feature. Have you added your podcast to FB yet? What does this mean for you as a podcaster? How can you listen to podcasts on Facebook? How do you add your podcast on Facebook?

Top 4 Things You Need to Know About It

  1. There’s a dedicated Podcasts tab on your page. All episodes will be posted by your page here.

  2. Your episodes can be directly shared and discussed by your listeners on Facebook.

  3. Facebook will automatically transcribe and grab snippets from your podcast episodes. FB can help you auto-promote your podcast episodes that have been published 2 weeks before it’s the launch date.

  4. As of this writing, Podcasts on Facebook or should I say, Meta is still in their soft launch stages so the feature is only available in the US and for selected podcasts only.

How to Add Your Podcast on Fb?

  1. You can add your podcast by going to the settings on the left bar of your page and clicking on the podcast tab. There, you will be able to add your RSS feed and publish your podcast!

If you already have your podcast on Facebook, how has it been working for you so far?

Do you think it will bring in the engagement and views FB promises?

Let me know your thoughts. Follow me on Instagram and let's chat!



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