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How To Get More Visibility As A Podcast Guest

Appearing on podcasts or shows as a guest is a not-so-secret strategy to build your following and reach more audience. The great thing about it is you can target your niche by guesting on a podcast that’s within your line of business. Another great thing is while giving value you can also build a connection with the host of the podcast and part of their audience can also become your audience.

The bottom line is being a guest on a podcast can help you gain visibility and potentially help you to get more business. But how can you really maximize that visibility?

Here are 3 tips when appearing on podcasts as a guest (Believe it or not, so many podcast guests take these things for granted!):

#1 Have your professional bio and professional photo out on the internet

Podcasts will often ask for your bio and professional photo to be used on the materials of your episode. It’s better to write your bio in the third person so you can include your name in the paragraphs.

When podcasters use your bio and link your name to your page this will help the SEO because your name will be linked across different pages and people who search for you will see the different media you appear on. Also, include your name on the photo when you upload it so that people will see your photo when they search for your name.

#2 Have A Unique Story About Yourself That You Can Share

Storytelling is a great way to market yourself. In marketing, you tell the story of the character or hero, the conflict, and how the conflict was resolved. Park Howell strongly believes in storytelling as well. He teaches a framework called ABT (And, But, Therefore) method to use an effective structure to tell your story.

To become top of mind, you need to have something that people can associate you with. Tell your authentic story. What is your “why”? What is your message? And share it consistently.

#3 Share Your Episode Once It’s Out

This will help more people see your podcast episode and easily share it with others. This is how podcast fanatics like me discover new podcasts to listen to and also share with the world.

Podcasts usually have a team where they do all of the marketing for you, they have an episode release schedule which for sure they will let you know. Do it even just for the courtesy of the podcast who made an effort to have you on the show and promote you.


I can’t stress enough how important these 3 things are. These tips might be an easy fix but as entrepreneurs sometimes we just don’t have the time to focus on the small tasks. Researching for the right podcasts to be a guest in, reaching out, and communicating back and forth can take up the time that you could be spending on important things.

Guess what, we can help you with all of these. We can build your Dream 100 Podcasts where you want to be a guest, help you prepare, and pitch for you! If you're interested to know more, let's hop on a call and talk about it. I'm currently offering a FREE podcast audit (no strings attached) that you can also take advantage of while we're at it where I do a full audit on your podcast and provide recommendations on what you can improve to get more reach.



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