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Podcast Of The Week: Financial Samurai: The Quiet Quitting Movement Is A Net Positive For Society

If you know that your working habits are killing you, how would you change them? 🤔

It’s time we all admit that even our work-from-home and on-call lifestyles can kill us. Having little to no work-life balance can bring the worst burnout. 💯

People of the workforce, I introduce you to the Quiet Quitting Movement. If you are interested in this movement, give this #PodcastOfTheWeek a listen!

The Quiet Quitting Movement aims to make the world a calmer place by encouraging people to slow down and enjoy life. 🥰 It’s a sign that people are starting to realize that a job should not be a full-time commitment to misery.

Sam Dogen was a guest of @passive_wealth_strategies where I first came to know about him and his content. Sam is one of the modern-day pioneers of the FIRE movement and is now a financially free individual.

He now shares his experience and how he was able to achieve his financial goals and retire early. Coincidentally, he also shared about Ikigai in this episode which I also talked about in my own “Quitting my Full-time Job” blog! I got inspired by how he built his passive income streams, which is why I wanted to share his wisdom through this #POTW 🤗

In this episode, Sam also relates his perspective on the movement as a parent in a busy society. He shares his insights on how to balance work and life and the importance of having a purpose in life. 🙌

Financial Samurai: The Quiet Quitting Movement Is A Net Positive For Society

Host: Sam Dogen @financialsamurai

My Key Takeaways:

  • There isn’t a way to do “quite quitting” in some industries

  • How to Discover your Ikigai (Reason for Being)

  • 2 Main Ways to get ahead

  • How to healthily set boundaries at your regular job

Episode Quotes

“The world needs better personal financial education.” - Sam Dogen

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