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Podcast Of The Week: The Podcast Manager Power Hour

Admittedly, I need some help sometimes. But don't we all? 🤔

When you're ready to grow your business, bring on another superhero to help you get the job done. But when will you know if it's time to have another superhero join your league?

Let's dive deep into that talk and listen to this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek ! Jenny Suneson @jenny.suneson shares an episode that resonates with anyone who manages podcasts, like me! 🤗

I've been managing podcasts for a while now. It's not easy, folks! There are so many moving parts to keep up with, and things can get hectic. I'm already hardworking in making things happen, but staying on top of multiple tasks and following up with prospects? It's a lot for one person to handle. 😓

I honestly had doubts before taking a leap of faith due to impostor syndrome. But today, this episode made me realize how much my life changed after hiring a team to take on some of the workloads. I can now focus on the bigger picture of my podcast business! 📸

As a podcast manager, I was eager to hear what Jenny had to say about managing a team. It assured me that I did the right thing. It's no surprise that she shared so many great tips on the podcast!

If you're in that place, listen to what Jenny says about building a team. Jenny is the perfect go-to person for podcast managers!

Podcast: The Podcast Manager Power Hour

The Podcast Manager Power Hour: How to Know When It's Time to Bring on a Team Member

Host: Jenny Suneson @jenny.suneson

My Key Takeaways: 4 Signs to Know That I Need to Bring in a Teammate

  • Getting overwhelmed and not having enough time for the biz

  • Rapid growth and the need for a more streamlined system

  • I need to add a new service but don’t have enough bandwidth

  • Ready to become an agency, and you wanted support to expand

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Listen to the Podcast of the Week

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