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Bizarre Yet Bonafide: All Episodes

Hey, listeners. Are you ready for some spooky tales? 👻

I’m sure you've heard a podcast before, but here's something new! A podcast within a game! What could be more fun?!

You'll never believe what The Quarry has to offer, so listen in or you will miss out…

The #PodcastOfTheWeek selection for this week is sure to deliver the spooky and entertaining listening experience you've been searching for! 🤫

Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast was created to be a promo for a horror game 🎮 called The Quarry ( @visitthequarry ) by ( @2K and @supermassivegames ). Bizarre Yet Bonafide is hosted by Grace (played by Emily Axford) and Anton (played by Brian K. Murphy) famous for their various roles in the world of comedy. In the podcast, Grace and Anton tackled the mysteries of The Hacket’s Quarry camp which is the exact setting used by the game.

Although the season is short and limited, I love the fact that the episodes are easy to binge and the producers thought about incorporating a podcast within the game (Nice work 2K Games!). This really proves that podcasts are gaining more popularity throughout the years. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity!

Check out the game @visitthequarry and listen to their podcast, Bizarre Yet Bonafide!

Podcast: Bizarre Yet Bonafide

Bizarre Yet Bonafide: All Episodes

Host: Emily Axford as Grace Corbin; Brian K. Murphy as Anton Anderson (@visitthequarry)

My Review:

  • Production quality 10/10

  • Voice actors 10/10

  • Visuals and materials 10/10

What did I love about it?

I became a fan of the game and realized there are so many things you can do with a podcast. The sky ☁️ is the limit when it comes to creativity! 💡

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this episode in the comments.

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