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Podcast Of The Week: Brand in Demand: Start Being the Content, Instead of Just Creating it!

Let's start with a simple question: Why do you create content? 🤔

Maybe you want to grow your blog and drive more traffic. Perhaps you want to build your audience on social media or create video courses.

In each case, the goal is to create something that people will want to consume. This is the key to an effective content strategy. 🔑

If you're looking for that kind of influence, you need to hear the one and only Alex Sheridan. He's the man behind Impaxs Marketing, where he helps entrepreneurs create a marketing strategy that works.

I first came to know Alex from one of the podcasts I’ve listened to and followed him on LinkedIn. And I gotta say, Alex is a master at creating impactful content! This is why a few months later when The GEM Series was looking for guests to be on the show, I reached out to him, he accepted and now the episode is out! You can listen to or watch it from @gemseriespodcast 😍👈

Alex also has a podcast which is from the live sessions he does on LinkedIn so I decided to give it a listen and boy, am I HOOKED! Sharing the awesomeness with you, so here’s our #PodcastofTheWeek “Brand in Demand.” 🎧

Alex shares his ideas on how to build a successful brand. If you want some ideas on how to set yourself apart, bring in customers, and expand your business, then this episode is for you! 👌

Podcast: Brand in Demand

Brand in Demand: Start Being the Content, Instead of Just Creating it!

Host: Alex Sheridan @alex_b_sheridan

My Key Takeaways:

What Alex talked about:

  1. Strategy: 4 Steps For You to Become the Content (4:42)

    1. Create, Curate, Edit, and Post

  2. Execution - You can have the best strategy in the world but if you’re not out there executing what needs to be done, it’s not gonna work. (12:13)

  3. Time Commitment - Make time for it! Set up repurposing your content in the right way. Having a good process will help you save time, be consistent, and get ahead. (15:50)

My thoughts on the episode:

  • Alex mentioned that having a hook at the beginning will get people to watch your video. This is also true for podcasts! Adding a few seconds of highlight or strategic hook at the beginning will get your audience invested and know what they’re in for before fully committing to listening to the whole ep.

  • If you’re a podcasting entrepreneur, a great way for you to be the content is by sharing your behind-the-scenes, what’s a day in your life as a podcaster is like, or some highlights of your day at work that you want to share. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and allow them to know you a little better through your content!

Episode Quotes

“Build your content around your business, not your business around your content.” - Alex B. Sheridan

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