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Podcast Of The Week: Chill and Prosper: Ep 51 - Should you join a Mastermind?

Does this mastermind offer the value that I’m looking for? 🤔

It’s a question that I ponder as an entrepreneur who is looking for a community to bounce ideas.

I always hear that a mastermind is the best way to grow a business but how do you find the right community of like-minded people who compliments your skills and can provide value?

After all, your network is your net worth.

Have you ever wondered whether you should join a mastermind? Be sure to check out the #PodcastOfTheWeek !

Chill and Prosper was recommended by @seeingwithstars and is the first feature from our Anniversary special! "Should you join a Mastermind?" is the question in this podcast. 🎧

A mastermind can be beneficial, but only if we find the right one. The worst thing is to waste money on a program that doesn't help with our growth. With so many factors at play, this episode is intended to help us make the most of joining a mastermind. Denise goes into great detail on how to identify a mastermind for our setting.

While I’m looking to find the right community, I constantly research before signing up for a program. ✍️ I'm seeking entrepreneurs who want to hone their storytelling talents. At the same time, I am aware that I too can contribute something to the table. Please, if you are aware of such masterminds, let me know!

Podcast: Chill and Prosper

Chill and Prosper: Ep 51 - Should you join a Mastermind?

Host: Denise Duffield-Thomas @deniseduffieldthomas

My Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t invest in a mastermind or coaching program because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or because someone said that you need a coach.

  • When you’re growing your own business as a solopreneur, you might find yourself isolated. This is why being involved in a mastermind can help you avoid being derailed and achieve x10 success because you’re surrounded by other people who know what they’re doing and you can connect to.

  • Doing a mastermind is like enrolling in a class. So you need to think about the logistics. Does a mastermind have an in-person meet-up? How much time can you commit to completing the exercises or assignments? Can you commit to being present for all the calls? All while running your business.

  • Probe yourself in answering these questions before you buy into any mastermind. Is it the right investment right now? Do you think you can make this money back?

Episode Quotes

“You need to be discerning if this person or community is right for you.” - Denise Duffield-Thomas @denisedt

“No one can do the work for you and no amount of investment can just make things magically happen.” - Denise Duffield-Thomas @denisedt

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