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Podcast Of The Week: Crypto Business: How to Think Like a Web3 Marketer

What’s it like to start a company in the Web3 ecosystem? 🤔

The Web community is constantly changing, and your business needs to evolve. Grow your business and stay ahead of the curve!

Are you wondering if Web3 is to your advantage in growing your business or helping clients as a marketer? On this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek, let’s explore the answer to that question.

The Social Media Examiner @smexaminer hosts a podcast called Crypto Business, whose mission is to assist us in navigating the ever-changing social media jungle. 📲

Right now, most of us are still in the web2 ecosystem but Web3 is just around the corner. Web3 lets us own our information. It allows us to control our data and identity. It is a system that allows for the decentralized hosting and delivery of content online. It provides an alternative to the current monolithic centralized web.

Are you considering Web3 but fear it might be overwhelming? I got your back. Have a listen to this conversation between Chris Pulley and Michael Stelzner. He discusses the advantages of Web3 for businesses, how the culture differs from what you are accustomed to, and the major features necessary for successfully launching a project.

Podcast: Crypto Business by @smexaminer

Crypto Business: How to Think Like a Web3 Marketer With Chris Pulley @coachpulley

Host: Michael Stelzner @stelzner

What is Web3?

“As we head into Web3, we’re seeing how this is evolving from social media and establishing a community on rented land to connecting directly with your audience in a space you own: digital ownership of digital assets.”


My Key Takeaways:

  • How you can leverage Web3 as a Marketer.

  • “Consumers want to control their own experiences online and not be trapped or forcefully surrounded by advertising constantly.”

  • The Key Cultural Differences Between Web3 and Web 2.0

  • Web3 is changing the landscape and the way the business of content creation is done. It’s placing more power into creators’ hands to design what they want and decide how they’ll offer it.

Episode Quotes

“The facts don’t care about our feelings.”

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Listen to the Podcast of the Week

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