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Podcast Of The Week: Iced Coffee Hour - How Mr. Beast Spends $200,000 Per Day

Have you seen those videos online with crazy amounts of money being given away? 💸

If you have, then you’ve probably heard of Mr. Beast. 🤟

I’ve been watching Jimmy (Mr. Beast) since he supported Pewdiepie and encouraged his audience to subscribe to his channel during the “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” days—a memorable time in ✨ YouTube history ✨ when thousands upon thousands of people subscribed en masse. 🙌

This movement started as a meme and became so huge because of Jimmy. 👌 But as I learned more about him, I realized there is so much more to his story than memes and donation videos.

When he started to appear on podcasts as a guest, he shared the story of how he went from doing videos in his basement to becoming one of the most popular YouTubers. 👏

For this #PodcastOfTheWeek, we’re featuring the Iced Coffee Hour podcast again because their interview with Jimmy surfaced new information (for me, at least) that is too important not to share. ☝️💯

Aside from YouTube, it’s fascinating to know how he actually manages his cash flow. He also shared how he’s overcoming creative blocks through his “information diet,” even though he constantly has to think of new ideas 24/7. 🤯

I just don’t feel good having to turn off thinking about podcasts and social media strategies because it’s literally what makes me feel alive. ❤️‍🔥 It lights my fire to have to manage podcasts. So I really relate to Jimmy as he says he gets blue when he has to take a break from making YouTube videos or thinking about them.

In this episode, Jimmy talked about why his income is less than you might think for someone of his stature in the YouTube community, how many income streams he has, and his plans for the future.

Iced Coffee Hour - How Mr. Beast Spends $200,000 Per Day

Co-host: Jack Selby

My Key Takeaways:

  • Leveling up alone can be time consuming because you have to test and do a couple of iterations before you can discover what works. In Jimmy’s early days, he created a small mastermind group with 3 - 4 other YouTubers to bounce off ideas with. What one finds out, he can share with the group. This way, they can level up faster because each of them doesn’t have to do the same thing and go through the same mistakes.

  • One way to constantly think of new ideas and avoid creative blocks as a content creator is to feed yourself with new information or what Jimmy calls “Information Diet.”

Episode Quote

“I purposely have a dumbed down lifestyle because it gives me freedom. I’m not tied to personal properties, and I can reinvest all of it to the business.” - Mr. Beast

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