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Podcast Of The Week: The Driven Woman with Diann Wingert

Have you experienced trauma that affected you as an entrepreneur? 🫂

Experiencing something overwhelming and frightening is not a physical injury that can be seen with the naked eye; it’s an emotional injury that often goes unseen and invalidated.

Sometimes the choice to become an entrepreneur or self-employed is a trauma response. Nicole was right. Trauma was a huge trigger for me to achieve wins since I was young for other people.

Most entrepreneurs are not aware that trauma can be a trigger for them wanting to build their own businesses. 🙅‍♀️ In this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek 🎧, Host Diann Wingert and Guest Nicole Lewis-Keeber delve into this sensitive topic and how it can affect entrepreneurs.

Becoming more self-aware made me realize it’s time to find success for myself, not because I needed to but because I was happy to serve.✨

The Driven Woman with Diann Wingert: What does trauma have to do with your Business?

Why this podcast spoke to me:

Did you have an experience with psychologists and therapists whose advice just didn’t make sense at all? I really believe there can be underlying reasons why a person develops certain behaviors or mental health issues.

Understanding what’s wrong is just the tip of the iceberg… As Nicole has explained, there are big “T” and little “t” types of trauma, but most people invalidate those who are experiencing little “t” trauma. It’s time to be more conscious about this important topic to better understand ourselves and the people around us.

Let’s dig deep… Did trauma affect you as an entrepreneur?

Episode Quote

“Oftentimes we don’t know who we are because we are deeply embedded in who we need to be to feel safe.” - Diann Wingert

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