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Podcast Of The Week: The Hectic Hour: S3E6

Gas prices are through the roof! 💸 But do you know why?

How much do you pay for gas? I’ve heard reports of some people paying up to $90 to fill up their cars.

This is not news to us, but in case you didn’t know the reason behind it, this episode will enlighten you. 💡

Gas costs have already cost consumers a huge amount of money. Do you find yourself curious about this? Listen to this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek !

The Hectic Hour is the third feature of our Anniversary special wherein the hosts of this podcast discuss their thoughts on today's soaring gas prices 📈, the war, dating tips, and more.

The rising cost of gas is hitting all of us where it hurts: our dear wallets. More and more, people are struggling to afford the gas they need to get to work, school, and other places.

It has been going up for a while. The oil demand is higher. During the pandemic, production slowed and oil corporations reduced their supplies. Fuel prices are projected to rise even more because of the global economic downturn due to the Russia-Ukraine war. In the event of a war, each country's ability to respond quickly and effectively is challenged. 🌍

As it continues to rise and more people are working towards energy independence, a new way of thinking is needed. We need to embrace alternative energy sources and find ways to incorporate them into our daily lives.

Podcast: The Hectic Hour (@thehectichour)

The Hectic Hour: S3E6

Host: Sandman (@sandman_hectichour) and Big Hec (@bighec323)

My Key Takeaways:

  • Gas prices have been going up because the demand for oil is higher. And because the production slowed down during the pandemic there’s less supply from the oil companies.

  • Another reason is the war between Russia and Ukraine. There’s still uncertainty as to when that will be over so even though a country doesn’t get a huge percentage of oil supply from those countries because they are part of the supply chain, the logistics can still get affected resulting in an increase of gas prices.

  • Big Hec and Sandman have a unique segment at the end of the podcast where their fans send in confessions or sins for them to discuss. (Stick around for this!)

My Two Cents:

  • Vladimir Putin is the guy blamed for all of this but historically we also need to understand what led to the decision of Russia to take over Ukraine. TLDR; The US government has been rejecting Putin’s attempt to join NATO but NATO has been continually expanding to Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, etc. this was “designed for an attack by the Soviet Union”.

  • It seems that NATO was afraid of a “close to no longer existing” Soviet Union attack and is strengthening its defense across central and eastern Europe. Ukraine was the last straw so it angered Putin that they opted to join NATO.

  • We are quick to judge and point fingers at who is evil whilst ignoring the fact that media can shape our beliefs easily. It’s important to take information handed to us with a grain of salt. Global warfare is shaped by those in power so for us under a democracy, we must choose our leaders wisely.

Episode Quotes

“As a leader, you don’t only have a responsibility for yourself or for the people who voted for you. You also have a responsibility for the people who didn’t vote for you.” - Big Hec @bighec323

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