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Podcast Of The Week: The Iced Coffee Hour: The Truth About The 2022 Housing Collapse | Ryan Pineda

Real estate is a cyclical business, and you have to be able to weather the storms. ⛈️

If you're an entrepreneur, you know you will take some hits. 💢 The most important thing is to learn from them and come out stronger. 💪

For anyone interested in real estate, I highly recommend this #PodcastOfTheWeek hosted by Graham Stephan and co-hosted by Jack Selby, which centers on the 2022 Housing Collapse with Filipino Guest Ryan Pineda.

Yes, you read that right! 🤩 I was also thrilled to hear from a successful Filipino entrepreneur with extensive real estate market experience.

I find myself watching a lot of episodes and clips from the Iced Coffee Hour ☕ because the topics are always interesting, the guests are engaging, and the content is entertaining. I honestly feel that this is worth the share, and I’m sure this will leave you wanting more!

This episode provided so much value, especially on the topics of mindset, real estate, and investing. Even if I’m based in the Philippines, I was still able to get a lot of key takeaways that I can apply to my business and life. 🙌

The Iced Coffee Hour: The Truth About The 2022 Housing Collapse | Ryan Pineda

Co-host: Jack Selby

My Key Takeaways:

  • Ryan used leverage to invest. He maxed out all of his credit cards and took the risk to nail down his first deal. This was very risky but fortunately, it turned out successful and he was able to scale. (9:20)

  • Podcasts were the first resources that gave Ryan more information about investing and helped him to start out. (13:21)

  • Ryan’s prediction on the 2022 Housing collapse (18:56)

  • How Ryan scales multiple businesses working just 8 hours a day? It all comes to building an organization the right way. (1:16:27)

Episode Quotes

“The big question is not how much you’re going to make but where you’re going to move.” - Ryan Pineda

“The moment you’re able to build the organization to function without you, you don’t necessarily have to do all the stuff.” - Ryan Pineda

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Listen to the Podcast of the Week

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