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Podcast of The Week: The Joe Rogan Experience #1212

Without Mental Toughness, Your Success is Doomed to Fail. 🤯

If you ever want to reach your goals, you'll need mental toughness. But what exactly is it? In this podcast, you’ll know how it works—and how you can get some of your own.

It is like a muscle. The more you work out your mind, the stronger it will become. 💪 It is not being fearless. It's being afraid, but moving forward anyway.

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All ears to this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast about building mental toughness with David Goggins. 🎧

Building mental toughness is a surefire way to achieve your goals. The ability to deal with negative feelings and stay motivated in the face of obstacles is critical to success. Achieving your dreams depends on how you respond when things don't go according to plan, whether that's getting a "no" from a potential investor or experiencing a setback in your personal life.

The biggest question is how do you do this? 🤔 As David explains how he developed his mental toughness along the way to where he is now, you will be inspired. This man reminds us that we are all capable of great things if we are willing to face the hurdles life throws at us.

Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience

Host: Joe Rogan @joerogan

Guest: David Goggins @davidgoggins

My Key Takeaways

  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations because you will never become the same person after you overcome challenges that will help you to level up.

  • Success is not a straight line. There are times that we fail but it’s when we go back and keep on trying again that we reach our goal.

  • This episode ignited my desire to build mental toughness by pushing my physical limits. I started working out not to look good for other people but to feel good internally.

Episode Quote

Quote: “Life is one big psychological warfare that you play on yourself.” - David Goggins

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