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Podcast of The Week: The Playbook

What is the Power List?

Everybody is saying it’s the #consistency that leads to success but once I’m in it, I find it hard to stick with good habits that I’ve created.

As I’m finding ways to be more consistent, I learned about the Power List from David’s interview with Andy Frisella. Andy shared his personal system where he lists 5 critical tasks he can do in a day and does them consistently for years.

This really struck me. It was actionable and so I started doing it and started to have ‘wins’ on a daily basis. I’m still trying to keep up with it. I know I have a long way to go with habit building but hey, life’s a journey and I’m having fun on my way to ‘there’.

This #PodcastOfTheWeek is The Playbook hosted by a person who I always look up to, David Meltzer.

Podcast: Andy Frisella: CEO of 1st Phorm | #ThePlaybook 108

Host: David Meltzer @davidmeltzer

Guest: Andy Frisella @andyfrisella

My Key Takeaways

⭕ You can become successful while keeping your integrity.

⭕ Create a Power List of 5 Tasks that you can do every day.

⭕ Do them consistently and once they become a habit, replace them with a new one.

⭕ Dominate yourself from yesterday.

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