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Podcast Of The Week: Two Sides of FI: FIRE and Holding Cash - What We're Doing

What do bucket strategies, emergency funds, and cash reserves have in common? 💭

They’re all just different ways of saying the same thing. All of them are about keeping money safe, which are ways to set yourself up for financial freedom. 💰

With the rise of the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement, it’s no surprise that many people are starting to think about how they can build up their monetary reserves.

If you’re interested in being financially responsible but have much more to learn, this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek will be right up your alley. 😉👌

The FIRE movement has been gaining popularity over the years because of the rise of financial education over the internet. 🤳 Millennials and Gen Z now know that they don’t need to wait until they are old, in their 50s or 60s, to live a life true to themselves.

Personally, I’m not an active proponent of this movement, but the idea that you can build passive income sources so you can minimize the time that you work is great for me, and podcasts like Two Sides of FI that talk about a different perspective of financial independence is really an eye opener. 💯

In this episode, Eric and Jason discuss holding cash before and after retirement. Find out more about having cash reserves, emergency funds, and holding bonds.

Two Sides of FI: FIRE and Holding Cash - What We're Doing

My Key Takeaways:

  • Emergency funds are important, but they shouldn’t be taking the majority of your overall portfolio. For me keeping an emergency fund for 2 - 3 months is enough as long as that amount is lesser than the percentage of the money I’m investing.

  • Most of us make financial decisions based on our emotions. This is why the core principles of marketing still apply today. Buying decisions are based on emotions until we take control of it.

  • The bucket strategy is very interesting. I would apply this in my investment strategy timeline. (19:44)

  • If you want to get a different perspective and interesting nugget every time you listen, this podcast is for you.

Episode Quotes

“One of the strengths of having a cash cushion is you don’t have to sell if you don’t want to.” - Jason

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