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Unleashed Podcast: Ep 5 - Thoughts on Colorism

Why is white the standard of beauty? Beauty knows no color. ✨

To this day, I find myself puzzled about this very issue. Growing up, media ads have been urging us to lighten up our skin just to meet the societal standard of beauty. But why?

This is colorism. It is a form of discrimination based on skin color. It's real and it needs to stop. I stand against it. ✊

Do you see yourself in this? So sorry about that. To cheer you up, here's a little something I prepared just for you. Check out this week's #PodcastOfTheWeek !

For the second feature of our Anniversary special, I proudly present the Unleashed Podcast. In this podcast, the hosts discuss their own experiences with and perspectives on colorism.

Most Filipinas, like me, experience the dread of colorism. Insights from this episode helped me realize that I am not alone in this struggle and that I can count on the support of others like me. Just because we have dark skin doesn’t make us unlovable, it’s just another shade of a rose. 🌹

We want to change the way we see ourselves and the way the world sees us. Colorism ends with us! No matter what our race is, no matter what our color is, we are beautiful. Only you have the power to see what is beautiful, use it to your advantage. ❤️

Podcast: Unleashed Podcast (@unleashedpodcast_)

Unleashed Podcast: Ep 5 - Thoughts on Colorism

Host: Esther (@esther.oyeniyi_), Christabel (, Izzy (@izoldia)

My Key Takeaways:

  • There are different experiences of discrimination from a young age because of colorism.

  • Discrimination can even come from people in your own community or your own race.

  • The effects of societal prejudice are generational and we have to break this chain.

  • Speaking up about these kinds of topics helps to raise awareness and destigmatize twisted societal standards.

  • No matter what your color is, no matter what your race is you are beautiful!

Episode Quotes

“We need to teach children from a very young age the importance of self-love.” - Izzy @izoldia

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