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What is Podcast of The Week?

Hey everyone, I’m running a little segment called “Podcast Of The Week” where I feature episodes that resonated with me from all the podcasts that I’ve listened to throughout the week. I will also be adding it to the link in my bio for that week!

If you have any entrepreneurship, business, investing podcast you’d like to recommend let me know! I’d love to check them out 🎧

Why I'm running Podcast of The Week

There are so many amazing podcasts out there that Top Charts don't show. We all know that Apple Podcasts reviews and even downloads or listens can be bought and allegedly, featured podcasts on iTunes aren't accurate as well because people can pay to be part of the top charts.

I listen to a new podcast through recommendations so I wanted to return the favor and share those awesome podcasts that helped me learn and improve my life!

Want to join in the Fun?

If you are a podcaster or a podcast fan who wants to share amazing podcasts that you know feel free to comment on my Instagram post or tweet me to recommend a podcast that you love! I will listen to it.

Just a bit of a disclaimer though: I don't feature all of the podcasts recommended. I only pick the ones I resonate with the most, where I learn the most actionable advice from, and share it on my page. I usually listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, self-development, business, cryptocurrency, and investing but you can share any podcast from all genres.

Where can I see #PodcastOfTheWeek ?

You can check out all Podcast of The Week recommendations on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

I will also be adding it to my blog page pretty soon. 😉

Looking forward to your podcast recommendation!



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